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Ivar is a child full of fears and insecurities. He is faced with the small everyday trauma of his age: to move to a new city; to be mocked by a group of bullies; to discover himself as tiny and defenceless; to fall in love; to feel lonely…Through this path full of obstacles, he will meet a true friend, Van, who will help him grow and become more confident.
Mostly important, thanks to Van, Ivar will learn to discover the power and beauty of the nature, which surrounds and transforms everything, until it blends with our own breath, replaces it and fills our lungs.

Let yourself be carried away by Van and Ivar across a path of new discoveries and awareness, to find the child hidden inside each of us, and help him grow up again.

Illustrator: Matteo Ronda Saccò
Translator: Benedetta Rufffini
Editing: Mattia Albani – Clouds Industry
Photo e Video:  Pasquale Giovine – Clouds Industry
Web e Marketing: Simone Poliandri – Clouds Industry

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Why This Book

I started writing Goodnight Little Princess in 2017.
I thought illustrating and composing a soundtrack would be the best way to convey this opera in all its entirety, to create a full immersion for the reader. Goodnight Little Princess is a tale of a journey that will bring the main character to be aware of himself and the world around him.
There’s a part of us that won’t ever age, constantly in seek of freedom and adventure, this book is a call to nature, a ode to life.

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Goodnight Little Princess is a story to be read, watched and listened to on any device.

Goodnight Little Princess, the novel Voltaire would have written if he was Dickens.

Mattia AlbaniEditor

The music clarifies the words, the book describes the notes, and both accompany us on a journey to discover us.

Claudia PomponiPianist

In Goodnight Little Princess, every character and every experience is as fantastic as it is familiar that it is impossible not to recognize in Ivar and Van a small part of us and of our heart.

Gaia Di RobertoGadiro - Handmade Dolls

With so much highness and simplicity, Goodnight Little Princess portrays a world of music all over to watch.

Matteo SaccòIllustrator & Graphic Designer

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